Review for Self-Discovery: A Collection of Poems

Published 17/01/2022
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Iheanacho A. Golden has released a new collection of poetry, penned to take people on a journey of self-discovery. Ideal for age groups and all demographics the 50 poems explore how to discover who we all are inside and why we might struggle with identity and self-expression.
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Here, Maureen Stewart, reviews the collection, and whether the author hits the spot he claims to want to in helping people come to terms with who they are, accepting faults and limitations and how they can seek to stretch themselves to attain maximum potential:

“Golden explains in his pre-amble that poems only take a few words because the 'gaps' are meant to be filled by the reader. Therefore, he says, these poems are not to be read as a life manual. Rather, it is a handy tool to help you discover your own self and live your best life.

“With that understood I started to read and was quickly drawn in. Through exploration of what love is, beautifully highlighted with imagery that captures the essence of the words.

“Moving into other emotions, such as hatred and experiences including co-habitation and unity the pace of the poetry picks up, leading into explorations of life situations seamlessly. Whilst I didn’t find myself or meaning in every poem, the majority did make me pause and look whether there was a self-reflection possible in the words. Moving into darker sphere’s including pretence, but balanced out with celebrations for acts including courage, the poetry is well written and draws appropriate emotions.

“My favourite poem without doubt is One With Self, as it makes you think about the different parts of what makes us human, body and soul.

“Green-eyed monster also resonated, as did Storm and Magnet and Stars…

“Golden is a clear and authentic writer, his words invoke thought and contemplation of life, of living and of what we can, as individuals, change. He is a man who has put words to paper with an aim, and for me this collection of poems that encourage self-discovery achieves that.”

Self Discovery: A Collection of Poems can be bought on Amazon.

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