Digital marketing tips to consider for your brand during the pandemic
Published 20/05/2020
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Read about Digital marketing tips to consider for your brand during the pandemic
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Digital marketing tips during the pandemic
Whether you’re rushed off your feet supporting key workers or you’ve shut up shop for the foreseeable future, one thing’s for sure: your marketing strategy needs to change. Even now, there’s so much you can do grow your brand awareness through a variety of digital platforms at our fingertips.
With many people now working from home or furloughed from their roles, social media usage is on-the-up. The opportunities are abundant for brands looking to catch the eye of new and existing customers who are running tactful and sensitive campaigns during this difficult time.

Change your approach
You can’t overestimate the impact that the pandemic has had on society. It has touched every aspect of daily life and, as a brand, you need to acknowledge this. It’s about determining how your business can support your customers and the wider society at this time, and the heightened brand awareness is just one benefit of this activity.

Consumers will remember what you do to help so think outside the box and grow your brand awareness at the same time.

Optimise your social media platforms
It’s a great time to carry out some housekeeping. Are your social media pages up to date? This includes having relevant links in the ‘about’ or ‘bio’ sections, connecting your shop to Facebook’s built-in eCommerce tool, creating video content for IGTV and updating your branding across all areas. These little tasks often fall by the wayside in favour of more urgent tasks, so put some time aside to sort out your social media, so customers know you’re still here.

Keep your website up-to-date
Is it clear from your website that you’re still open for business? Do you highlight increased shipping times, no-contact delivery and the best means of submitting customer service requests? Update your website to reflect your current status, so new customers who arrive on your site know exactly what to expect.

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Tidy up your ads
Is your ad copy considerate? Are your images realistic and relevant to your customers? You may be still running campaigns that are irrelevant or even insensitive to people in the current climate.

Refresh your Google and Facebook ads to reflect the times and be careful in your messaging. Remember, we’re all experiencing tough times so, as a brand, you may need to take a softer approach to promotional materials.

Create fun and informative video content
Video is still very much king on social media. Even from the confines of your own home or workspace, you can create entertaining video content. Take part in TikTok dance challenges or share a quick video on Linkedin of your new working arrangements – dogs, kids and all. This is a chance to show the human side of your business and, as a result, grow your brand awareness in new and existing circles.

Now you’re armed with our handy tips to kickstart your digital marketing from lockdown.
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