The Human Condition: A Collection of Poems About Life

Published 16/12/2021
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Oluseyi Adegun is a new name in the world of publishing and literature. The talented author has also written a book of poetry, The Human Condition: A Collection of Poems About Life.
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Here Jes Riley, poetry enthusiast, reads and reviews this collection that studies life and the human condition.

“In his pre-amble Adegum refers to poetry being regarded sometimes as less as an art form and more as a medium for self-expression. He continues to say it is a vehicle as reader and writer to think deeply.

“From reading this collection, it is clear that you can feel the deep thought from his musings, and as the one consuming the book, I agree it made pause, made me ponder and indeed, think deeply.

“Digging into the 42 strong collection of poetry, some I read quickly and others I read numerous times. All of them resonated, which is unusual.

“My favourites include The Free Sea, Paradise of Nature, Dreams and Ambitions, and The Voice of Silence. All of them different topics, all them different rhymes and rhythms. But each with deep, well written message that caught me off guard.

“The Bond of Family also drew me in, as the writer is clearly talking first hand, and it reflects how I feel personally about my own flesh and blood.

“This collection of poems gives the reader a new window through which to understand life. Of understanding others, of understanding themselves and viewing life from a perspective that is wholly innocent and real. You read each poem at a different speed, and therefore if read in one sitting, the journey is an emotional rollercoaster, of celebration, of resonation and of reflection.

“To say I am impressed is an understatement. This book puts Adegum in the same channels of much more established poets, and I look forward to another collection very soon!”

The Human Condition: A Collection of Poems About Life is available on Amazon as Kindle download or paperback.

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