Solving Real-World Problems Using Web3, No-code Technologies

Published 02/07/2024
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For years I had grown increasingly concerned about the speculative frenzy that was overtaking blockchain technology.
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Empowering Innovators Through No-Code Web3

Frustrated by the complexities of blockchain development, I set out to create a framework that would allow anyone with a great idea to turn it into a Web3 reality. This led to the development of the world’s first no-code Web3 framework—one that goes well beyond just enabling basic blockchain transactions like sending coins or minting an NFT. It also includes pre-built components like a "Pay with DESO" button, "Stake Coin" button or a fully-functional web3 social feed. Finally, it also includes high-level processes like a complete wallet page, or best-of-class web3 user onboarding.

The Power Was Being Lost

For years I had grown increasingly concerned about the speculative frenzy that was overtaking blockchain technology. Traders and investors were focused entirely on token prices rather than the transformative potential of the underlying technology. I believed the real power of blockchain was being lost.

There was a need for innovative entrepreneurs to take ideas that solve real-world problems and bring them to the mainstream market. But the expense, complexity, and prohibitive learning curve of traditional blockchain development meant that only well-funded startups with specialized engineering teams could participate. I saw this as artificially limiting innovation in the space.

Bridging the Gap with No-Code

I realized that in order for blockchain to reach mainstream adoption, we needed to make development radically simple. Just as no-code platforms like Bubble had done for web and mobile apps, I set out to provide a no-code solution for blockchain. This would allow anyone with an idea—technical or non-technical founders alike—to seamlessly turn it into a decentralized application.

After extensive research and experimentation, my team at created an easy-to-use no-code web3 framework tailored for blockchain-based apps. By abstracting away the underlying complexity, we enabled rapid ideation, prototyping and deployment. Now, an entrepreneur with zero coding experience can go from idea to launch in a matter of days instead of months.

Unleashing Innovation with Zirkels

A prime example of our framework in action can be seen with, a Web3 blogging platform we built for creators using the DeSo blockchain protocol. Zirkels provides the ability for creators to publish content, build an audience, and monetize their work in revolutionary new ways. Even those with relatively small followings can generate meaningful revenue from their loyal fans.

I believe Zirkels demonstrates the vast potential of our Ratio No-code, Web3 framework to accelerate innovation. By eliminating the substantial barriers that previously existed, our no-code solution makes it possible for anyone to experiment with blockchain by creating real, working prototypes and minimum viable products. This will uncover new and unexpected use cases, paving the way for blockchain’s long-awaited mainstream breakthrough.

My Journey From Frustration to Liberation

When I reflect on the frustration I initially felt with the inaccessibility of blockchain technology compared to the creative liberation I feel today, I am overwhelmed with optimism for the future. I set out to create easier pathways for innovation in this space, but I did not anticipate how rapidly inventors and entrepreneurs would utilize our platform to make their ideas a reality once barriers had been removed.

It fills me with hope and excitement to imagine what will emerge when thousands of unconventional thinkers and unconstrained dreamers begin experimenting with this remarkable technology. I believe the Ratio No-code, Web3 framework facilitates this on a broad scale, unlocking innovation everywhere so blockchain can finally reach its world-changing potential. The foundations have been laid—now we get to watch as a courageous new generation of pioneers build atop them.

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Dennis Lewis, co-founder of, is a leading expert in building cutting-edge web applications using no-code platforms like He and his team have extensive experience building general business, web3 and social media applications.

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