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Published 19/05/2022
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The company behind GUARDIAN® remote technology, has grown its team again, to provide extra support with product development, so that the company can achieve its ambitious growth plan.
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Joining the team as a software engineer, is Ganesh Cheekati from Newcastle. Ganesh will be working closely with Steve Todd, Technical Director, to develop the technology and broaden its uses and applications across a range of sectors.

Whilst GUARDIAN® remote technology is new to Ganesh, he brings with him six years of under and post graduate studying, having achieved a Masters degree in Computer Science from Northumbria University. He has also spent two years working on IoT projects whilst on work placement in Hyderabad, India. Ganesh said:

“The concept of IoT has always interested me. To get this opportunity that opens up the chance for me to learn more, whilst bringing my knowledge into the business, is perfect for me. I’m excited to use my experience in a practical way and learn from Steve’s enviable experience in the arena. He gives me freedom to explore and learn; and I have some great ideas for next stages of development already!

“The team at Plexus Innovation has been very welcoming, and I am looking forward to both seeing the product installed, in action and to help develop it further. It really is an exciting opportunity to join the company at such a critical growth stage!”

Plexus Innovation is changing the way many sectors monitor and measure essential services that need reliable compliance data. GUARDIAN® remotely monitors and measures temperature, CO2, humidity and water systems, enabling insight-driven decisions via real time monitoring for compliance reporting and automated alerts to identified health risks or failing assets that otherwise may not be known about.

Steve, who is a co-founder of the innovative business alongside Ian Murray, said:

“Ganesh is a welcome addition to the development team. Having him join us right now is instrumental to our future strategic plans, where we will be growing the current customer base, taking feedback, and developing the IoT product to new capacity, as well ensuring current customers get the best possible service and results.”

In his personal time 28-year-old Ganesh likes spending time with friends, playing cricket, discussing the future and taking part in debates; and he has a love for watching movies, his favourite being Bollywood style. He concluded:

“I have been looking for a long-term career option and my plan is to stay here at Plexus Innovation, helping deliver an outstanding product and drive further development with Steve. I see this as a solid opportunity and can’t wait to grow the role, so I am making a real difference to the company.”

More information on GUARDIAN® and Plexus Innovation is available by contacting or by visiting


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Plexus Innovation owns GUARDIAN® - an innovative product poised to change the way organisations collect data for compliance forever. GUARDIAN® is a remote, automated measurement and alert system that focuses on environmental data including temperature. Designed and manufactured in the UK by Plexus Innovation, GUARDIAN® is already enabling significant business improvement opportunities for those who have invested in the technology. Ideal in reducing the risk of Legionella and ensuring temperature in water or refrigeration units is at an optimum level to protect health, GUARDIAN® technology comprises of a combination of hardware, with remote monitoring software. The product also provides other significant benefits including alerts for scald risk, taps left running and leaks; energy saving opportunities and identification of failed or failing assets. It is especially effective for MediFridge temperature monitoring, protecting the life of temperature sensitive medication

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