Product Design Workshop: Creating Sustainable Value
Published 24/09/2020
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Consumers’ awareness of environmental and ethical issues has grown significantly over the past decade. To meet customers' expectations, businesses need to adjust their strategies to start creating sustainable value. This workshop is aimed to help founders and executives define opportunities for value creation, brainstorm ideas, and prioritise them into a long-term roadmap.
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1. Introduction: sustainability trends and business cases

2. Defining opportunities: what environmental, social, and economic sustainability drivers are relevant for your business?

3. Generating solutions: brainstorm innovative ideas for the selected areas of your business

4. Prioritisation and road mapping: select the ideas with the highest impact and map them onto your long-term business vision


Startup founders, business executives, product managers, product designers, and other representatives of companies looking to kickstart their sustainability initiatives.


Rune Kirt — CEO at KIRT x THOMSEN, DK

Kateryna Korovkina — ELEKS Design Manager, UK

Oleg Slyusarchuk — ELEKS Head of Product Design Office, UA

Slava Shestopalov — ELEKS Design Manager, DE
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