New Training Academy Launched by Queen of Clean

Published 15/11/2022
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A new training and learning academy has been launched this month, to make sure that those entering the industry or already in the business can operate smarter, faster, safer and cleaner.
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Founded by Samantha Read, The Business of Cleaning has something for everyone when it comes to cleaning. Ideal for those new to the industry, improvement for those already in the business, corporates looking at standards and bespoke help for anyone with challenging needs. 

The Business of Cleaning's purpose is to enable learning on better cleaning processes and bring a standard certification to those entering the industry or already in the industry. It brings a certification of guarantee as it is associated with the award winning, long established and much respected APM Cleaning and Repair Limited, Samantha’s other enterprise which she launched in 2005. She said:

“The longer I have been in the cleaning industry, the more I have become aware that standards, well, aren’t standard! I saw a niche where I could help with this, instilling the right technics and knowledge into those just entering or setting up, to those with large contracts or those managing a cleaning team.

“To assist people training with us on their journey, there is a choice of insightful books, e-books and documents written from first-hand experience. We offer practical education, a choice of CPD accredited training courses and specialist, bespoke support too.

“The bespoke offering is perfect for corporates wishing to elevate what they are currently doing with their cleaning regime, for a number of reasons from staff wellbeing to environmental commitment. We can go much deeper too, specialising in assisting an organisation to exit contracts or mobilise a contract, which if not done right can have disastrous outcomes.”

Having specialised in engineering and production management, whilst bringing up her family, Samantha specialised in power supply logistics, from where she bought her first franchise in domestic cleaning in 2005. This allowed Samantha to focus on family as well as career, and she went from strength to strength within the cleaning industry.

Having rebranded the no longer franchised business, she bought in a hard surface specialist repair company and grew APM Cleaning and Repair Limited over the years to where it now owns property and employs over 120 people. She has recently won the Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the Service Sector in her region.

The Business of Cleaning will also be launching branded equipment and products for better cleaning, along with an exciting MOCLEAN kit. This is a box that contains everything you need to clean a social housing or public communal area, where there is no access to a cleaning cupboard or water. As the MOCLEAN product comes on wheels, there is no need for a van, and within it is a water based multi-purpose cleaning product, so safe it can be stored at home! Sam concluded:

“"We have launched The Business of Cleaning to enable businesses to work Smarter, Faster, Safer, Cleaner when it comes to hygiene.

"As I am from an engineering and manufacturing background my experience has enabled me to create streamlined process that gives a better service at a lower cost. The aim is to assist individuals and businesses going through the learning curve doing it more speedily and for those who own a cleaning business to excel in delivery as well as winning and keeping contracts.

"We have also launched a range of products that give thought to the environment and sustainability, as well as being better for health and wellbeing. It truly is a win, win combination with our methods and our products The Business of Cleaning is made simple and effective."

More information is available on the company’s brand-new website

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