Living in A Void: How the Coronavirus Pandemic affected our Lives

Published 18/11/2021
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How to Stop Living in A Void Ibrahim Olawale has released a recent book to help those living in a void following the pandemic. Relatable to work, education and home life, the book reviews what we have been through and the actions we should now be taking to move beyond.
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Here, Anna Toms reviews some of the best parts for insight readers, particularly focusing on the economy / business insights and advice.

“Following the most succinct round up of the pandemic I have read to date, Living In A Void focuses on the challenges as humans we have faced that have left a huge void, including personal, family, economy and business and the aftermath.

 “Whilst it places personal and mental health, relationships and love at the heart of the start of the advice, the book moves into a realm on focusing on the impact on the economy and what we can do to move forward, upwards and out of the void.

“It addresses that this was a world-wide impact, where economy, industry and many businesses ground to a halt. Highlighting the lack of crisis plans, many small businesses were missing, the strain on employers, employment and making ends meet, supply shortages and price extortion.

“The passion and knowledge displayed by Ibrahim Olawale makes this a book truly worth reading, as he delves into global stock markets, tourism, aviation and hospitality. Refreshingly, though, this exploration also touches in on industries that were given a platform to thrive. Music, film and streaming services, technology, research and, of course, online retail and food delivery.

“The open conversation about unemployment, job seeking, and income loss is one that he has looked at from a global perspective and it is clear that other nations were not as resilient as the UK in creation of delivery jobs, moving business online, working remotely and creating new opportunity. It made me reflect on the support as a country we received, and on the value of our furlough scheme. For anyone who was, or furloughed staff, it is worth a read for a clean perspective.

"As the conversation moves onto medicine and pharmaceutics, I prepared myself for a potential deluge of opinion, as the vaccine is very much a dividing subject. However, I found the approach balanced, and it gave me pause for thought, especially on the topic of sanitation.

"The part for the largest pause though in the exploration of the aftermath. I am going to leave my review there and encourage you to read it for yourself. I raise eyebrows, nodded and shook my head, sighed, laughed and as I moved into the closing chapters on the new normal felt a renewed vigour for what is ahead.

“You can get your own copy in paperback or download from Amazon. Trust me, you will learn something new, you will reflect and in conclusion, you will look forward if you read Living In A Void.”

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