If fighting Covid-19 is a war, must we adopt first world war tactics to defeat it?

Published 21/04/2020
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There is an increasing debate in the press over whether the response to Covid 19 has been over the top due to the subject being over hyped in the media. I have no wish to join this debate as I am not an expert, but in my job at M&A Advisory I am seeing many excellent businesses suffering and being damaged due to the current lockdown and this will certainly have a knock on effect on the wider economy at a later stage.
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The current lockdown is a very blunt instrument and reminds me of trench warfare in the great war and all the senseless damage that it inflicted.

The creative industries in which I work are adept at solving business problems using creative thinking through working alongside experts in the relevant field rather than being experts themselves. The current battle with Covid 19 appears to be only run by experts who don’t have the creative thinking skills.

Perhaps the creative industries can find ways to free up some of our people and businesses so they might live to fight another day. Doing a number of small things can make a big difference overall. Perhaps some examples but not an exhaustive list might be:

- Allow younger people who are not living with at risk people to return to work. Many would be given the welcome opportunity for greater responsibility and reward.
- Allow people who have had Covid 19 and no longer infectious back into work.
- Open garden centres and other such businesses, but at the same time respecting social distancing.
- Consider opening pubs and restaurants with capacity based on square footage to respect social distancing. There are also some excellent remote ordering apps that can remove the need for waiting staff to come into contact with customers. https://www.wi-qtechnologies.com/
- Open takeaway restaurants subject to social distancing.
- Consider opening up small areas of the country not affected by the virus, so that they can operate normally with restrictions on access. At first, there may only be small areas such as villages, but it will grow.

Feel free to make suggestions of your own, but I am sure that the creative industries have a role to play here. YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU!
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