An innovative new cloud-based software, set to change how companies meet the demands of environmental legislation, will be officially launched on Thursday 8th September at EMCON where the best in engineering and manufacturing excellence will be showcased.
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Standing for Intelligent Compliance Obligations Register, the iCOR software allows organisations to self-audit, understand their applicable legislation, track where they need to improve or implement new measures, plan action and create a timeline for action creating complete transparency.

Tamma Carel, co-founder of iCOR, boasts a successful career steeped in environmental consultancy and is well known for the work she delivers through Imvelo. 

Tamma has brought all her knowledge into the mix to co-found iCOR alongside digital technology expert Matt Shaw. The pair have chosen to launch the innovative platform which they have developed in the North East in their home region, although the customer based will be UK wide. She said:

“Having tested our product through a two-year MPV with ten different companies, we are delighted to finally bring iCOR to the market. EMCON is the ideal place to launch, as our solution aligns with the requirements of international standards such as ISO 14001 which many attendees will understand. Furthermore, manufacturing and engineering companies are under growing pressure to conform and therefore should be taking every effort they can to ensure they are doing so.”

iCOR provides the ultimate in environmental risk management and mitigates the possibility of being prosecuted for mismanagement. Another benefit of the platform is that it encourages team effort, opening up collaboration for colleagues to make sure everyone is doing what they should be, and on time. 

Neil Colman, Group Operations Manager of Kiowa Ltd ( has been part of the MPV trial. He said:

"We have been using iCOR for the past two years and have found the process of consolidating our environmental legal compliance obligations into one place an extremely useful exercise for our five UK sites. Having expert monthly reviews on changing and upcoming legislation has also proven invaluable for our business and has allowed us to be proactive in our environmental management programmes. 

“We are excited about the audit and collaboration functions of the platform, as this will streamline activities across our sites further and give us a clear understanding of our risks and opportunities in our journey towards environmental improvement and ultimate sustainability."

Built with ease of use in mind and the need to audit regularly to ensure compliance to new legislations, iCOR removes the long-drawn-out necessity to trawl through complicated legislation and use guess work as to which applies to an organisation. 

By simply completing a self-audit questionnaire the platform builds a fulfilment register, and helps the user understand what is required to ensure compliance. Aligned with international frameworks for environmental management, iCOR is user-friendly and provides organisations the ultimate confidence in their compliance status. 

More information can be found at or by visiting the team at stand H49 at EMCON, September 8th at the Xcel Centre in Newton Aycliffe. 

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