How to Succeed at Outsourcing Your Software Development - Whitepaper
Published 29/09/2020
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Outsourcing software development is ultimately the right choice for organizations looking to reduce in-house development costs, streamline operations, work with expert developers with the necessary skills needed and scale development needs when necessary.
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But before a company decides to outsource their development, it’s crucial to choose the proper engagement model and find the right partner to ensure a smooth, straightforward development process.

Which types of outsourcing engagement models are businesses choosing, and what criteria influence those decisions? How does this need to change when you look at models for small- and medium-sized businesses?

This report addresses critical issues surrounding the successful outsourcing of business and enterprise application development, including:

Vendor trust and engagement

Budgeting and establishing project timelines and scope

Mitigating complexity and risk

Team management and responsibility-sharing
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ELEKS is a Top 100 Global Outsourcing Company and a world-leading expert in software innovation. We're recognised as the technology partner of choice for complex development projects and have been helping clients deliver tangible added value since 1991. Our experience covers a breadth of industries, from finance and insurance to healthcare, retail and many more.

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