How to Find a Tender: Tips from Tender Experts
Published 12/01/2022
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Are you wondering how to find a tender? We've got the answers...
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Here’s all the information you need on how to find a tender

So, you are wondering how to find a tender. You may be wondering where to begin. Hudson Succeed is here to help! We have decades of experience and an 87% success rate, so we’re confident we can help you.

Let’s dive right into how to find a tender.

What are tenders?

For those who may be unfamiliar, we thought we would briefly cover what tenders actually are. When a company needs work done that they cannot provide themselves, they will often outsource the work. This means they will invite other companies to bid for a contract. This is the practice of tendering for work. The suppliers will produce documents on why they are most suitable to carry out the work. The buyer will then consider the suppliers and look for the most economically advantageous tender. Often times, a single tender can provide years of work for a supplier.

Where to find a tender

Now, the reason you’re here. How do you find a tender?

Well, a simple search on a search engine such as Google can do the trick. You’ll be able to find countless websites with information on tender opportunities. However, this can be a tedious stage. It can take hours to scour through so many websites. Not to mention they will all display information differently. So, you might have to read through long documents to find a deadline date. If the date is too close and you don’t have time to bid, you have wasted all that time.

We recognised this issue, so we created 11 sector-specific portals to help suppliers find opportunities. By using our portals, you can streamline the process when trying to find a tender.

How do our portals work?

When you’re using our portals to find a tender, you can select filters to adjust your search. You can choose the location of opportunities, their budget, and see their deadline date. These portals can save you hours of time and frustration. You can also use keywords to find the exact work you’re looking for.

We don’t use CPV codes. So, you can rest assured that the opportunities on our portal are legitimate and listed correctly. Our admin team update the portals daily, so you can check frequently for opportunities.

Our portals consist of:

  • Creative Tenders
  • Healthcare Tenders
  • Facilities Tenders
  • Construction Tenders
  • Technology Tenders
  • Logistics Tenders
  • Research Tenders
  • Consultancy Tenders
  • HR Tenders
  • Finance Tenders
  • Hospitality Tenders

How to win a tender

When you have managed to find a tender, you may then wonder how to win it. There are two ways you can then go about the tender. If you have the time and you’re confident in your abilities, you may want to write the bid yourself. However, if you are busy running your business and can’t spare the time, why not hire a Bid Writer?

How can a Bid Writer help you?

If you are considering turning to a Bid Writer, you may want to know how they can benefit you.

Firstly, Bid Writers have experience writing winning bids. They know what it takes to appeal to buyers and persuade them in their favour. They have excellent communication and writing skills. Plus, their bid management abilities are essential for success. They know how to break down a tender and manage the workload efficiently. You can rest assured your bid will be done on time. Plus, it will be of the highest standard when relying on tender services.

What skills are required to win a tender?

Whether you hire a Bid Writer or write the bid yourself, here’s what is required to win:

Excellent writing and communication skills

For a bid to be successful, you need excellent writing and communication skills. You need to be able to clearly convey concepts and ideas without confusing the reader. You also need to be able to persuade them that you are the best fit for the contract.

Bid management abilities

Bid management is crucial for success. You need to be able to break the tender down and manage the workload. If you don’t, you can feel overwhelmed and will almost certainly miss important details. You could even end up not getting the bid finished in time for the deadline. Rushing a bid will almost certainly result in mistakes, and this could cost you the bid.

Proofreading and editing mastery

As mentioned above, mistakes can cost you the bid. A buyer does not want to see any kind of errors within your bid. This will give the impression you are not thorough with your work. Why would they want to hire you if you do not ensure your bid is of the highest standard?

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