How Can Tender Writing Consultants Help You?
Published 13/10/2021
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Hiring tender writing consultants can massively increase your chances of success when tendering for work. There is a lot of expert knowledge and skills that tender writing consultants possess. Since we want to help people learn, we will be covering how tender writing consultants can benefit your business.
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Thinking of hiring tender writing consultants? Here’s what you need to know

Hiring tender writing consultants can massively increase your chances of success when tendering for work. There is a lot of expert knowledge and skills that tender writing consultants possess. Since we want to help people learn, we will be covering how tender writing consultants can benefit your business.

Tender writing consultants offer industry knowledge

Since tender writing consultants are so familiar with the process and their industry, they know how best to advise clients. This means they can clarify which opportunities you are eligible for. Tender documents can be long and chock-full of information, so it can be easy to miss key information. Tender writing consultants can look through these for you and break them down into the key information. These breakdowns will include information such as the contract price, deadlines, what work is needed, and so on.

Tender writing consultants are experts at bid writing

As you might guess, consultants of tender writing need to be talented writers. They use their writing and language skills to persuade the buyer why you should be awarded the contract. They also use their skills to make your tender response interesting and engaging to read. You don’t want the reader being bored to the point they don’t even want to read your proposal. The very point of your proposal is to make you stand out! It goes without saying that they are also skilled proof-readers. So, they can check over proposals for grammatical errors and punctuation and spelling mistakes.

Whether you are wanting your entire proposal written or you need advice, tender consultants can help. They know exactly what is expected and how to make sure your proposal is of the highest standard.

Tender writing consultants have excellent communication skills

As a proposal is used to show the buyer what you can offer, it needs to be communicated clearly. Tender writing consultants are professionals at clearly stating your values and attributes. They will showcase your business and explain why you should be awarded the contract. They won’t waffle about points that are irrelevant to the questions as this would lose you marks.

Tender writing consultants know exactly how to manage their time and workload

One of the greatest skills of tender writing consultants is that they are organised. They know how to break down their workload and can do the same for clients. This is to ensure deadlines are never missed and work is done in advance. This way, there is no stressful rush at the last minute to submit.


Let’s summarise just some of the many ways consultants of tender writing can help you.

Tender writing consultants have industry knowledge

Being familiar with their industry is a crucial asset for consultants. They know what is expected, so they can offer expert advice.

Tender writing consultants are experts in their field of writing

They have written hundreds, sometimes thousands, of bids. So, they have perfected their writing skills to create high-quality proposals.

Tender writing consultants are excellent communicators

They are able to clearly communicate why a client should be awarded the contract.

Tender writing consultants have great time and project management abilities

The process of tendering and writing bids can be tedious, but they know how to manage their workload. Tender writing consultants will not miss deadlines and will have work done in advance to avoid stressful, last-minute submissions.

Need assistance with your next tender?

Although you’re a bit more familiar with what’s required, you might still be looking for some support with your tender. Writing isn’t everyone’s strong suit and that’s ok. Outsourcing to bid writing specialists can help you secure that next contract and grow your business.

Here at Hudson Succeed, we pride ourselves on being bid writing experts. We hold an 87% success rate and have over 60 years of collective bid writing experience.

We offer four levels of bid writing support to suit every business need. You may not need the whole tender written for you; you may simply need it proofread before you submit. We can help with that.

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