An inspirational poetry collection has been released by Daniel Ayodele Agbaje that has been reviewed here by Rohme Gray.
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“This collection of poems explores feelings, actions and what it is that makes up life and all the souls in it.

“I have a habit of reading poetry books from the back to the front, so the first poem I read was True Love. The fact that the writers second language is English comes through, but it gives the poem a vulnerability and authenticity that makes it work.

“The way each poem comes with a depicting image is an added bonus. Destiny is one of my favourite poems in the collection, as it applies to every single life on earth. A beautiful poem with a positive sentiment.

“On the whole the poems are all full of emotion, feeling and life messages. They are to the point, short and digestible. But they all aim for a higher truth… be it religion, good behaviour, matters of the heart, every poem is written to create positivity.

“Using words such as Freedom and Euphoria many of the poems are uplifting, but even the more hard-hitting topics are covered in verses such as Corruption. His writings pull people together, not apart, with Fear and Pain uniting those who have experienced such times.

“Daniel Ayodele Agbaje is a multi-talented Nigerian Citizen, a Father, Husband, Leader and a Music Minister of the Gospel. He is a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria. He also holds a master's degree in Management from the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom. He is married and blessed with three children. He is an advocate of self-discovery and a lover of art and cultural issues. He has been advocating for art and culture since he was in secondary school. Daniel is a writer and art and culture promoter. He has been a speaker in different art related event.

“He is also clearly a very talented writer. As well his poetry collection, Daniel has also released a collection of short stories which are just as entertaining and rewarding to enjoy. A writer to watch.”

A Soul Beyond is available to buy on Amazon.

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