Coaching – a key skill for leaders and managers with remote teams

Published 05/05/2020
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Coaching is a brilliant and, at times, misunderstood business tool. Managers and leaders like you can get more from the team around you, in key things like; individual productivity, team engagement, empowering individuals, boosting creativity, supporting individuals in their development through to creating a coaching culture.
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This interactive video workshop includes the following:
Understanding what coaching is and how you can use a coaching approach today
Benefits of coaching for you and your team
Coaching versus the alternatives
Answering the “Should I be coaching my team, or not?” question
Essential skills for coaching your team
Practical tips to apply today
Addressing the remote coaching challenges

Equipping you with the coaching skills and knowing how and when to coach is critical. You will spot some of the common mistakes that others are making and learn how to avoid them. Exploring what coaching is (and what it’s not), when and how to use it to really boost your team’s productivity.
This video workshop is intended to give you a clear understanding of coaching and how you can use this in your organisation.
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