A New Meaning To Dry January Thanks To GUARDIAN®

Published 13/01/2023
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As many people across the UK take part in Dry January, one remote technology company is urging businesses to launch their own dry campaign this month.
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Plexus Innovation is challenging a range of sectors such as social housing, care, education and healthcare to kick start their commitment to wasting less water, improving their environmental footprint and reducing bills.

Plexus Innovation’s innovative IoT product, GUARDIAN®, remotely measures temperature, pulses, humidity and air quality. Used to manage water/heating systems, assets and facility environment, it enables insight-driven decisions, reduction of energy use, identification of risk of condensation, fuel poverty, damp and mould and provision of real-time data for compliance management.

Technical director, Steve Todd, who developed GUARDIAN® and oversees its manufacture in the UK, said:

“Most of our customers enjoy a reduction of 75% in their water wastage, through the minimised needs to flush assets for compliance and through alerts that notify of taps left running and leaks. This is a massive impact, especially for those who are the road to Net Zero as not only is the water saved, but also any associated costs for energy to heat the water.”

One customer, Dominic Walmsley, senior property surveyor at Selwood Housing, said:

“The digital reporting is loved by the team already, as it is so much more convenient than the manual process we used to have to adopt before.

“We went into the pilot to automate our water flushing and legionella compliance as much as possible, we get weekly reports which we find really useful and removes the need to process an admin heavy data report.


“We are now only flushing those assets that are required, reducing time that technicians open outlets. The data gives us a better understanding of our TMV performance and whether there is a scalding risk – we had a few highlighted to us, for which we’ve been able to take relevant action.


“It now has the full support of our entire team and executive board, and we look forward to rolling it out across the rest of our properties in the next two years.”


Anneka Johnson, account manager for Plexus Innovation, works closely with customers to maximise their attempts at being ‘drier’ and at having data that supports their compliance efforts 24/7 365 days a year. She said:


“The amount of water being saved by all our clients equals many Olympic sized swimming pools a year. It is hard to comprehend exactly how much, but we know that most are reporting a reduction of 75 – 80% in their water flushing needs and that many serial offenders for leaving taps running, for example those with dementia, are being supplied with taps that can’t be left on.


“January is fabulous month to look at changing the way things are done, and as it is Dry January, why not start with reducing your water wastage. We currently have a £500 pilot so your company can build a business case to adopt a full installation, so do get in touch to ask for more details.”


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Plexus Innovation owns GUARDIAN® - an innovative product poised to change the way organisations collect data for compliance forever. GUARDIAN® is a remote, automated measurement and alert system that focuses on environmental data including temperature. Designed and manufactured in the UK by Plexus Innovation, GUARDIAN® is already enabling significant business improvement opportunities for those who have invested in the technology. Ideal in reducing the risk of Legionella and ensuring temperature in water or refrigeration units is at an optimum level to protect health, GUARDIAN® technology comprises of a combination of hardware, with remote monitoring software. The product also provides other significant benefits including alerts for scald risk, taps left running and leaks; energy saving opportunities and identification of failed or failing assets. It is especially effective for MediFridge temperature monitoring, protecting the life of temperature sensitive medication

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