5 ways to drive quality traffic from Social Media to your Business

Published 20/09/2022
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After reading through this blog: you will learn: Why use Social Media for Marketing Top Social Media Platforms according to Audience Social Media Marketing tactics to promote your Business
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Nifty business owners know that driving social media traffic to their websites is a clever way of making conversions without spending a big chunk of your marketing budget and creating a healthy community simultaneously. 

A recent study from Social Media Experts at Brand Watch shows people are now using at least 7 social media accounts per head daily, with a use time that exceeds 142 minutes per day.

Research at Hubspot shows that digital marketers rank social media as their second quickest and easiest way of engaging with their target markets. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight 5 ways of growing social media traffic to your business website.

  1. Target Social media traffic that converts
  2. Optimize your Social media profiles.
  3. Plan the content according to your target market and start posting consistently.
  4. Keep an eye on your competition and Influencers.
  5. Create actionable content for your audience, Polls, etc.

1. Target Social media traffic that converts

Starting any form of social media marketing starts with the first step: Understanding where your ideal audience resides, i.e., which social media platform, and how to start engaging with them before planning a content marketing strategy. 

Social media PlatformMarket Coverage (w.r.t. users)Facebook 36.64%YouTube 27.01% Twitter 6.82% Reddit 5.10%Instagram 2.47%Pinterest 1.95%LinkedIn 1.58%Quora 1.29% Tumblr 1.16%Yelp 1.03%

Data source: Top 10 Social Media Market Share Statistics by Dreamgrow

Finding the perfect social media for your marketing depends on how you visualize your buyers. For that, we create a buyer persona: an ideal blueprint of someone who represents your target audience perfectly. 

A brilliant way of preparing a rough sketch of your buyer persona is beautifully explained by Neil Chaffer here in this article.

Start by what your buyers look like and where they are coming from; look out for stats like (location, age, gender, income, religion, ethnicity, education level, marital status, and the number of children).

Once you know who you are targeting, mixing and matching them with different audiences on top social media platforms is more effortless. 

2. Optimize your Social media profiles.

Social media profiles are one of your brand’s first impressions and are like your business’s first impression. There are two things to focus on while optimizing your business social media profiles. 

  1. Contextual information
  2. Visual Information

Contextual information is your business Title, description, and how you introduce your business to the visitors, always include keywords relevant to your business. 

Like in SEO, you target people using their keywords; it’s the same for social media. You include keywords to target people during their searching. 

Adding links to your business website is an exemplary process for people to navigate your business in detail easily. 

And once they’re on your website, you can retarget them in the future with different propositions. 

For example, Crossover’s Twitter profile includes the hashtag #remotework, which they’re also known for. 

Visual Information is the way your graphics represent your brand: your cover photo and your profile picture are two primary ways of showing what your values are.

For example, Linkedin.com’s Company values include Trust, Connection, and Inclusivity; this is also represented on their Company page. 

3. Plan the content according to your target market and start posting consistently.

Social media platforms are fast-paced and highly reactive mediums so you can expect results much faster than your business websites. 

Audience engagement, feedback generation, and customer support are all happening at the same time. All your social media management results depend on how much time you spend on your content curation process and how regularly you engage with your audiences.

There are two things to focus on while ensuring your Posting schedules, Consistency and Engagement. 

Without the other, the complete social media management is incomplete, so this part makes social media management a specific field on its own. 

According to the Head of Digital of Entrepreneur.com, their number of conversions doubled when they designed their posts on LinkedIn to start a conversational approach with their audience. 

“We post 5 to 8 posts daily, and our conversions have doubled; we keep the posts conversational to get that element of intrigue, so they engage with the post and click to read more.”

Frequencies of posts vary differently for different social media platforms:

  1. For Twitter: 15 tweets daily
  2. For Facebook: 1 post daily
  3. For Instagram:1-2 posts weekly.

4. Keep an eye on your competition and Influencers.

As a part of your strategy, always observe your competitors, this way, you can further refine your strategies. Don’t imitate their strategies; instead, use them as a scale to measure and estimate the amount of success you can get through your efforts. 

Here are a few things you can keep in mind during your research:

  • Posts Frequency
  • Most engaging posts
  • Type of Content published
  • Their way of communicating with their traffic
  • Extra activities like polls, Live sessions, etc.

5. Create actionable content for your audience, Polls, etc.

The type of content you create directly affects the number of reactions from your audience. Every platform has a different way of sharing information. 

Here are the top 3 ways to boost your social media presence and engage more with your audience:

  1. Hashtags: you can use hashtags to start appearing on the walls of specific topics; Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin use this functionality. This can be well optimized for excellent results. 
  2. Q&A Polls: Another great way of engaging your uninterested audience. You can use Q&A polls on Linkedin, Twitter, and Meta Network.
  3. Live Sessions: 80% of social media audience prefer watching a Live session rather than reading a Blog. 

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