5 Ways TikTok is Changing Healthcare Marketing
Published 08/10/2021
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TikTok isn’t just a social media app. It’s a community where people feel they belong and can inspire others simply by being themselves. As a business, you can create a kind of engagement you can’t elsewhere. Connect with people on a more authentic level – one that makes them laugh, cry, or learn something incredibly valuable.
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TikTok has nearly 700 million active monthly users around the globe. It’s also the most downloaded app today, ahead of Facebook and Instagram. TikTok isn’t just for individual users, either. B2B and B2C brands are also making a splash on the platform, taking advantage of the vast marketing and selling potential. 

The emerging social media app presents exciting opportunities for many industries, including healthcare. So how do you incorporate TikTok into your healthcare marketing strategy? Keep reading to find out.

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Quick Takeaways:

  • With 700 million monthly active users, TikTok presents exciting opportunities for healthcare organizations.
  • With social media, you can tap into industry trends, impact people’s perspectives, educate consumers, and build trust.
  • The primary demographic on TikTok – Generation Z – prioritizes finding the truth, individual expression, and creativity.
  • TikTok can help your business inspire people in unconventional ways, build connections through humor and interacting one on one, and advertise to increase your reach and expand your audience.

Why Use TikTok for Healthcare Marketing?

TikTok allows users to be free, creative, and goofy. It encourages out-of-the-box thinking and prioritizes trends. It can amplify the voices of individuals and businesses to get significant, funny, or meaningful messages out to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. The platform’s primary demographic is Gen Z – those born in 1996 and later.


According to McKinsey & Company, members of Gen Z are anchored in a single element: their search for truth. They value individual expression, authenticity, and diversity. TikTok creates a space that allows users to be themselves in a unique way. 

“So what does all this have to do with healthcare? How can my business benefit from using the app?” We’re glad you asked. Here are a few reasons to start “TikTok-ing” before your competitors beat you to the punch.

  • Tap into a trendy marketplace with younger users who will soon become decision-makers, clients, and healthcare patients. 
  • Impact young opinions, and offer essential perspectives about hot topics in the healthcare space.
  • Show the world “a day in the life.” 
  • Offer insider tips, and dispel common medical and healthcare myths.
  • Educate people by sharing valuable content.
  • Show a different side to the healthcare industry to break down stereotypes.
  • Build trust by being 100% honest, relatable, raw, and genuine in your interactions.

5 Ways to Invest in Healthcare Marketing on TikTok

Ready to learn how healthcare-related organizations should consider investing in TikTok to share authentic and creative video-based content? Here are five ways TikTok is changing healthcare marketing and how you can get in on it as soon as possible.

1. Inspire People in Unconventional Ways

Like we already mentioned, TikTok users celebrate uniqueness and being yourself. You can have fun on this channel and use it as an outlet for creative expression. Create short, simple videos using the tools the app provides.

Also follow proven techniques to optimize your videos and increase your chances of going viral. But don’t become paralyzed by overthinking the process. Posting a short video sharing some encouraging words, giving your audience a quick boost of positivity, or sharing an inspiring story can go a long way in healthcare marketing.

Check out NurseHadley, who loves to share stories and advice that resonate with her listeners.

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2. Make Them Laugh

Adding humor to your videos can instantly ease tension and make users more open-minded about what you have to say. You can make learning fun, educating your audience in creative and memorable ways. You can even present an important or serious topic in a safe and comfortable way by making people laugh in the process.

3. Interact with Users to Build Relationships 

After posting consistently, you should begin attracting followers interested in your brand, perspective, and advice. You’ll start building a community on TikTok that you can engage with. Remember to be genuine, honest, and transparent when sharing and responding.

Spend time engaging your audience and replying to comments and questions to show you genuinely value their opinions and feedback. This can help you build a strong reputation and set your business up for future success.

4. Become an Influencer

Healthcare brands have the authority to become influencers on TikTok. Sharing helpful information and advice while paying attention to trends can help you increase your influence and reach. Create content that resonates with people, and prove that you’re an expert in your industry. 

You can become a trusted resource with strong influence while simultaneously humanizing professionals in your industry. NurseBlake does a great job of humanizing nurses and sharing his personal perspective (while also making people laugh).

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5. Advertise for Discoverability and Growth

“Don’t make ads. Make TikToks.” – TikTok For Business

Like other social media platforms, you can target TikTok users in different phases of the sales funnel: awareness, consideration, and decision. Set up an ad account, and create a campaign with the parameters that meet your marketing objectives. 

Here are some of the types of ads you can run on TikTok to market, sell, or get discovered by your target audience:

  • In-feed ads
  • Top View ads
  • Branded Effects ads
  • Brand Takeover ads
  • Branded Hashtag ads

TikTok Marketing for Healthcare Suppliers

Ready for your brand to stand out and change marketing norms for your industry? As a medical supplier, you can leverage social media to connect with younger generations like Millennials and Gen Zers. Sharing original content and running ads, influencer campaigns, and hashtag challenges can help you crush your competition. 

If you work in the medical field as a distributor or manufacturer and you’re ready to adopt a killer marketing strategy, Share Moving Media would love to partner with you. We can help you target and grow your ideal audience and win new clients for your business. Contact us to get started.

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