Vauxhall's new Viva: We're confused...
Published 07/07/2016
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David Allan is easily confused, but now that car makers have more segments than a chocolate orange, his brain is about explode!

I’m very confused. At one time there weren’t many car segments on the market. You had the small hatchback, the small family car, the medium family car and the large family car.

So in Ford terms in the 70s and 80s there was the Fiesta, Escort, Cortina (Sierra) and Granada.

There was a variety of body styles of course; saloons, estates and coupes, and Ford also had the Capri for those who wanted something more exotic than the Cortina it was based on.

If you wanted a very small car, you had to go to Austin-Rover for the Mini. If you needed to go off road, you’d visit Land Rover, or maybe one of the Japanese firms, such as Mitsubishi.

But that was it. It was easy. Today it’s so confusing. For example, Vauxhall has just launched the Viva. It’s a town car apparently. If that’s the case, then what’s the Adam?

Vauxhall also has the Corsa, and there’s the Meriva too. Both seem very similar to the Viva. So which would you buy?

Among these ever-increasing segments are hatchbacks, crossovers, and crossover of crossovers. Not forgetting large crossovers! Then there are SUVs, and Sports Coupe SUVs, and small SUVs and large SUVs.

MPVs are something else. And then there are city cars and town cars. Are they the same? I’m not sure.

Suffice to say, buying a car today is so confusing. This blog isn’t going to help you either.

I find it incredible when motoring journalists talk about models rivalling something from another manufacturer, because what was once black and white is such a grey area.

So do I like the new Viva? Well, I’ve not seen one in the metal yet, let alone drive one, so I don’t really know. All I do know is it’s not like the Viva of old.

There has been some dewy eyed reminiscing about the name that once adorned the the old model, but they’re not alike in any way. When we do get to try one I’ll let you know just what it is and how good it is! By then I might even know what sort of car it's supposed to be, and who it's meant for!

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