To swish or not to swish

Published 07/07/2016
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A recent trend in the fashion world, correlating with movements towards sustainable living, is swishing.

Whether it is through energy, food (the list goes on) sustainability is what everyone is talking about. With the ethical fashion business reaching a whopping 200 million this year, and sustainable fashion seeming to be the trend concurring the country. New designers all over the country are producing catwalks made from all sorts of sustainable products, A Northumbria University fashion student at Newcastle’s fashion futures show presented a range of outfits made from tents.

With all this going on it is no surprise swishing events are popping up all over the place, one taking place at the metro centre just last month. Swishing, apart from being a rather catchy title, is the new craze for thrifty shoppers of all shapes and sizes wanting to shop in a more environmentally friendly capacity. The concept is simple it’s a swap shop; attendees bring along their good quality, unwanted clothes - the type that sit in your wardrobe ‘in case an occasion comes up’ or the ones that your friends declare their love for but you’ve warn it too much to get excited about it. The swishers then swap their garments with one and other getting a brand new selection of clothing without any wallet denting.

I guess you’re wondering why I’m questioning it? To swish or not to swish? Well the problem seems to whittle down to taste. Friends, colleagues and acquaintances have discussed the matter with me, the risk being that you could dislike everyone else’s clothes and swap your clothes for clothes you wear even less. But for most it seems it might just be a risk they’re will to take.

As a fundraiser for Gateshead Age UK I’ve considered swishing events multiple times, reading blogs from the recent event at the metro centre have led me to believe that such events can be a pleasurable and rewarding experience. So you never know, maybe it’s about time Gateshead got swishing.
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At Age UK Gateshead we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make the most of later life whatever their circumstance. Together our team of staff and volunteers provide a range of services and activities throughout Gateshead helping them to do just that. We may be an older peoples charity but that doesn't mean we are old in our ways. Our business development team are always looking for ways to innovate and grow. We're looking forward to converging.

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