The TOP SIX crypto accounts to follow on Twitter
Published 06/07/2018
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There's so much noise on social media when it comes to cryptocurrencies, and so many self-professed “experts” that it can be hard to work out who to listen to and learn from, especially for the crypto curious among you.

However, for the latest opinions and insights regarding crypto, social media really is the place to be. So, to be as helpful as possible (yay us), we've gone out and hand-picked six accounts that we believe you should be following for reasonable, intelligent, and relatively unbiased commentary on the state and potential of cryptocurrencies.

NOTE – Before anyone flips their lid (yeah, we know what you're like, internet), this is an 'in no particular order' list. IE: we're not saying Number One is better than Number Five.

Number One

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik is the founder of Ethereum – second only to Bitcoin in terms of market cap and 'fame' – and could be the smartest man on the planet. His tweets are a mix of opinion on the state of cryptocurrencies and discussion on the technology behind crypto. Perhaps not the most accessible or digestible account for the crypto layman, he is nonetheless a valuable person to follow.

Number Two

Andreas Antonopoulos

As the guys at '' put it, “Andreas Antonopoulos has spent years developing a deep understanding of cryptocurrency from every angle, and perfecting concise, compelling explanations of all of it.” If you want to develop a better understanding of crypto yourself, you need to follow Andreas on twitter.

Number Three

Charlie Lee

We love Charlie Lee. While his tweets about the state of the cryptocurrency market, in general, are as incisive and valuable as anyone else's, we've also found him to be more willing to have fun than others, taking a more relaxed stance on all things crypto. Definitely one of the most 'accessible' account in this list. Oh, and he's also the Founder of Litecoin to boot – a top-ten cryptocurrency.

Number Four

Elizabeth Stark

If your name is Stark then you have to be involved in tech, right? You have to be a bit of a genius too (for the purposes of this analogy we're ignoring the 'Game of Thrones' Starks because, seven years on, we're still a bit raw about all that – thanks for all the tears, George).

Well, Elizabeth Stark ticks both of those boxes and she's a real person too – so take that, Tony. She's one of the most prominent people in crypto and a reliable voice of reason in a space that's a little bit 'Wild West' at this point in time.

Number Five

Meltem Demirors

An entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the crypto market, Meltem is that ever-useful (and quite elusive) bridge between the world of business and the emerging world of crypto.  She tweets useful commentary and holds strong opinions regarding the direction the cryptocurrency space needs to go. We very much enjoy reading Meltem's tweets and we know you will too.

Number Six

Shingo Lavine

Founder and CEO of Ethos and the 'Zuckerberg' of cryptocurrency in many people's eyes. Shingo (still at Uni, by the way) is a visionary and strongly believes in the democratisation of wealth (a big thing in the world of crypto). “The future is for everyone” - a message and ethos (pun intended) we can totally get behind.

"But Coinverge, you missed out 'such and such' and 'whasisname'... Why? Because they didn't make it into our top six, that's why! However, if you disagree with us, we'd love to hear your suggestions too. Stick them in the comments section below and let's make this page the definitive list of people to follow in crypto. 

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