The new Alfa 4C Spider
Published 07/07/2016
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Alfa Romeo’s 4C coupe has been turning heads for almost two years. So what could the Italian car maker do to make it even more gorgeous? Chop it’s roof off and call it Spider! David Alan introduces the little beauty due here in the summer…

As the weather begins to get warmer and the feel of spring is in the air, dreams of winding down the twisty roads of the Amalfi coast with its stunning blue sea come to mind.

Well for me, anyway. For you it may be somewhere else that’s warm: the South of France; California; Bournemouth!

To be honest, as long as it’s warm enough for t-shirts then it’s warm enough for a cabriolet. Of course, we hardy lot from the North East know that that statement means you could see a drop-top in December!

The UK loves cabriolets – and mainly because it’s just too hot for some countries.

But, you know, I wouldn’t care if I was behind the wheel of this beautiful topless roadster from Alfa Romeo in rain. Although I am sure the electrics in the cabin would be less impressed.

Alfa Romeo is known for making “driver’s cars”; eager vehicles that grip to the road and make you feel like you’re part of the metal. And that metal is pretty much always jaw-dropping.

But Alfa excelled itself with the 4C coupe. And they’ve gone one better with the 4C Spider (the name given to cabriolet’s by the Italians).

OK, purists may point towards the fact a car without a roof isn’t as engaging to drive. But this roadster is likely to have suffered little over its tin-top sister, because its made from sheet moulded compound.

For those without anoraks, this material is 20 percent lighter than steel, but is more rigid. It means that the roadholding of the 4C Spider isn’t compromised and makes the two-seater lots of fun and exciting to drive.

Different from the coupe is the engine lid, where the glass is replaced with metal for the Spider, presumably to add stiffness.

Power comes from the same mid-mounted 1.7-litre turbocharged engine as the coupe. Alfa Romeo reckons the Spider will reach 0-60mph in 4.1 seconds – the same as its sibling.

The roof will be a soft, easy-to-fold canvas to start with, but there is likely to be a metal (or whatever that material is) version soon after launch.

Unveiled earlier this year, a lot of information about the 4C Spider is being held by Alfa until late spring. But you know what, who cares because stats are boring!

What this car has is endless beauty. And in a cabriolet it’s what matters most. The fact it’s also going to be a fabulous drive means it will be more than just a car driven by hairdressers!

Point me in the direction of Italy please!

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