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Social media marketing is something that every business should be exploring. The estimated number of social media users around the globe for 2017 is 2.51 billion, so it’s not hard to see the potential to reach your target audience.
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The monthly social media cafe at the North East BIC is a place for people interested in using social media for their business to come together, share ideas and lessons learnt. The aim is to help local businesses flourish with the use of all the latest social media tools, applications and platforms.

These cafes are designed to be informal, so unlike a training session, there are no presentations, making it a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who like you, are exploring new ways to market their business.

So if you’re interested why not come along
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The North East BIC is more than just a business park, it's a bustling community offering the ultimate location for SMEs in the region to locate and grow. Dedicated to supporting companies, the BIC offers flexible and affordable office, lab and industrial space alongside access to a wide range of events and advice to start and scale your business. Take a look at our latest video to see what our customers had to say about us

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