Is renewable energy finally being taken seriously?
Published 07/07/2016
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With news of the huge offshore wind farm project at Dogger Bank having been given the green light by the Government, perhaps we've now entered a stage where green energy is going to provide more and more of the country's power.

Apparently, the Dogger Bank wind farm will provide enough green electricity to power up to 1.8 million homes, which is an incredible number. It's certainly a step in the right direction and should create hundreds of jobs in the region, particularly in Redcar and Cleveland, where the onshore elements of the development will be located.

Up to 400 wind turbines are going to be erected approximately 100 miles off the east coast of England, across two offshore wind generating stations, which puts into perspective the huge scale of this project. It's ambitious, it's being done for the right reasons, and more importantly it's actually happening!

Building it so far from the shore should also keep the wind farm naysayers quiet, as they can't possibly complain about it ruining the landscape, or the view from their homes.

We sincerely hope this is the start of a number of offshore wind farm projects. Green energy is absolutely the way forward, and if the Dogger Bank project is a successful one, perhaps it will encourage some of the world's biggest polluters (we're looking at you, China and India), to change tack and look at greener options themselves. One can hope, anyway.

For more information on the Dogger Bank project, please click to visit Forewind's website here.

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