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Published 07/11/2017
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Friday 24th of November 2017 is the latest date of the British version of the infamous American discount frenzy, Black Friday (you may remember we wrote about it a couple of years ago here).
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Black Friday (in case you weren't aware), is when retailers both on and offline offer steep discounts to their customers in the lead up to the Christmas shopping rush. The benefits to customers are obvious, but beware, things can sometimes get a bit nasty on the high street if discounted stock runs low. Let's put it this way - it might not be the worst idea to bring the larger of your riot shields when venturing out.

Despite some of the ugly scenes of recent years, most of the big retailers are keen to take part, and it's easy to see why. Popular online retailer, is one such company, and they've provided us with an insightful infographic detailing some of the key statistics and insights from previous Black Fridays.

Below you'll see some impressive figures to do with overall sales, traffic spikes and some insight as it pertains to AO's own performance in 2016. Finally, you'll also see some cyber security tips that you should certainly be aware of when it comes to bagging great bargains online (our preferred way of engaging in the Black Friday frenzy). infographic

It's clear that Black Friday (often stretched out into a Black Weekend – no we're not making that up), is a hugely important day for UK retailers, providing a big boost to sales, as well as footfall and traffic.

Of course, it's not just about the day itself. How retailers use this massive increase in engagement to ensure shoppers keep coming back even when the discounts end will be key to long-term success, and it will be interesting to see who adopts the best strategy to achieve this. 

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