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Two leading North East businesses have come together with an aim to adopt and develop emerging technologies within the interior and architectural field.
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North East interior designers and architects Space I.D. have collaborated with digital marketing agency Glass Frog to provide their clients with an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience coupled with interactive, photo-realistic 3D computer generated walk through of their interior design proposals. This is a move forward from the current industry standard of ‘static’ computer generated impressions.

Working closely alongside clients both nationally and internationally since 2008, Space ID have won a series of awards for their forward thinking interior design solutions resulting in the launch of sister company Space VR. The introduction of these emerging technologies will yet again allow the company to provide the client and their marketing team an enhanced visual experience that can be utilised far and beyond the initial concept stage.

The beauty of the technologies within the highly competitive field is two-fold. Ideas are clearly seen and understood before any monies are spent on the development. This allows all concerns to be ‘ironed out’ at the concept stage. An added bonus is that the material produced has the ability to be used within the marketing pitch to the end stage customer, even while works are on site.

The collaboration between the two companies, both based at the North East Business and Innovation Centre in Sunderland, has already had a great impact on Space ID and they will continue to explore the use of technology with Glass Frog director Jim McRoy.

Space ID director Phill Young explains:

“Our industry is constantly evolving with VR and Augmented Reality (AR), so the client experience is ever on the increase in terms of quality and accessibility.

“There is an importance to portray our designs to all clients that allows them to fully appreciate the finished product. VR allows us to immerse the client in the proposed design and gives a comprehensive understanding and clarity to what is achievable and what the finished design will look like.

“Glass Frog have always been a fantastic company to work with. Jim has always encouraged us to explore new avenues and together we looked at how we could enhance our already high quality photorealistic visuals.

“Our ongoing work together will ensure we utilise every available opportunity and explore this area of technology in detail to push our clients experience as far as possible.

“It really is an exciting time for us securing new business, as well as presenting our current client portfolio with advanced visual opportunities.”

Jim McRoy of Glass Frog added:

“VR is something we have been involved in for some time now and I’m delighted to be working with Space ID to help them realise their potential with advanced VR technology.

“VR transports users to a virtual world, enabling them to go from room to room, providing the customer with a different experience to what they feel when looking at standard plans and drawings.

“Space ID have fully embraced VR, resulting in a recent case study whereby they presented a full VR experience to a local wedding venue to illustrate how various areas would look once redesigned.

“Technology is constantly progressing and I’m looking forward to working with Phill and the Space ID team to explore AR as a future business development for them.”
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