Aston Martin looks to future as more young drivers plan electric car purchase
Published 07/07/2016
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The next generation of drivers are planning to choose electric cars, a survey has found.

A study of 800 teenagers found that the majority of those who will become motorists within the next three years will opt to buy plug-in vehicles.

The results of the survey, which were released earlier this week, found that 81 per cent of 14-year-olds plan to make their first car purchase an electric one.

It also discovered that 17 year olds who are learning right now also specified that they want to get behind the wheel of an ultra low emission vehicle when they pass their test.

The young people polled also revealed that their generation associates electric cars with fewer CO2 emissions (56 per cent), cleaner air (48 per cent), and ‘the types of cars that everyone will be driving one day’ (34 per cent).

Censuswide, which carried out the research, says the findings prove the positive impact that greener motoring is having among the budding drivers.

And while petrolheads may shudder at the thought of having no choice but to opt for odd-shaped motors in the future, they will soon change their mind when they find out carmakers such as Aston Martin are already looking ahead.

On Wednesday, Aston Martin officially unveiled a concept car, which is an electric version of the brand’s super-luxury saloon, the Rapide S.

The RapidE has been developed in collaboration with Formula 1’s Williams Advance Engineering.

Aston Martin CEO, Dr Andy Palmer, said at the launch: “We see luxury electric vehicles as an intrinsic part of our future product portfolio and welcome ChinaEquity into the next phase of study for the project development.

“The exciting RapidE concept tangibly demonstrates the capability and ambition of Aston Martin towards developing low- and zero-emission sports cars.”

Written by David Alan
Image credit: Aston Martin

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